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latest version: 1.0.4pre
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HOTGLUE team is a small bunch of people:

Gottfried Haider is responsible for most of the code (like 99,9%). He also made important system design decisions, maintained standard compliance and re-factored the code several times.

Joost Bult is maintaining our web-presence, monitoring forums and doing the hard work of keeping everything up to date. Joost is also one of most active beta-tested and bug-hunters.

Mike van Gaasbeek is the man without whom Hotglue would probably never go public. In other words Mike fuels Hotglue with that "juice" ;)

Maria Botella made all those lovely screencasts!

Arjen de Jong created beautiful designs for HOTGLUE websites and many times advised us about usability issues.

Hajo Doorn blessed the project by triple-clicking.

Danja Vasiliev did the rest.
Who are making HOTGLUE stick?
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