You can get in touch with us through our forum or email:
latest version: 1.0.4pre
Installation instructions:
- Get HOTGLUE distribution archive. Link to the newest version is always available on the front page. You can find previous and experimental versions in our download repository. If you are interested in the developers version you can clone our github branch - see get source
- Upload all files to your web-server. You can place HOTGLUE directly into "document root", e.g. /home/user/www or a subdirectory /home/user/www/hotglue.
- Make sure that content directory (inside your installation directory) is writable, i.e. has 0777 permissions set recursively; e.g. on GNU/Linux run:
chmod -R 0777 content
inside your installation directory where you just copied the files to. If you are using graphical SFTP client or web control-panel look for an option to change directory permissions to 777 or RW-RW-RW, recursively.
- It is recommended that you create a user-config.inc.php file where you can overwrite the settings defined in config.inc.php (just copy the needed definitions). user-config.inc.php file will not get overwritten by future updates.
- Make sure that you at least set 'AUTH_PASSWORD' in config.inc.php (or user-config.inc.php) to a non-default value.
- (optional) If your web-server supports mod_rewrite and you want to use short ("pretty") URLs for your HOTGLUE pages rename htaccess-dist file to .htaccess (note the leading "dot"!); e.g. on GNU/Linux run:
mv htaccess-dist .htaccess
- If on your web-server PHP is installed as (Fast-)CGI binary (rather then a standard mod_php), installing the .htaccess file is mandatory (see known issues section in README file).

and finally:

- Open the URL of your HOTGLUE installation in a web-browser and add "?edit" to the address (e.g. http://myserver.com/hotglue/?edit) to start editing. If you are using the optional .htaccess file you can also start editing by just adding "edit" (e.g. http://myserver.com/hotglue/edit).

When in doubt refer to INSTALL file available in every distribution!
- Apache 2.x
- PHP 5.x
- (optional) mod_rewrite (for short URLs)
- (optional) php5-gd (for server-side image resizing)

The current version of HOTGLUE was only extensively tested on GNU/Linux hosts.

- for editing: Mozilla Firefox (>= 3.6) or Google Chrome (>= 8.0)
While we haven't tested it, editing could also work on any recent Safari version.

- for viewing: the above plus Internet Explorer 8 (but keep IE8_COMPAT in the config set to true)
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